Saturday, November 29, 2014

Reading Goals for 2014: A Review

So how did I do with my reading goals in 2014?  Unfortunately, not great.  I fell into somewhat of a slump this year with my reading.  My reading goal each year is 24 books.  As it stands now, I have read 349 books and will more than likely only be able to add one, maybe two, books to that count by the end of this year.  The news isn't all bad, however, and here's why.

I read some hefty books this year.  Richard L. Bushman's Rough Stone Rolling was a weighty thing and ended up being a fine, fine read, not to mention a candidate for my best non-fiction book of the year.  I also read the Apocrypha, which certainly isn't as long as the Bible but is written with the same bygone prose which can be cumbersome to read and difficult to comprehend.  I also read Abigail and John: Portrait of a Marriage, which is no slouch of a book in terms of its length and detail.  From a non-fiction perspective, it was a pretty good year.  In fact, it was a great year.  Too Big to Know and Manning Up are also non-fiction of the year contenders, and I look forward to debating with myself about which one deserves the prize.  I didn't read some of the non-fiction I was hoping to get to, like Nudge or The Theory of Moral Sentiments, but the ones I read certainly weren't a waste of time.

On the fiction front it was a so-so year.  I did read Their Eyes Were Watching God, which had been on my list for years; I also specifically mentioned it in my Reading Goals for 2014 last year.  It was an excellent book with an unforgettable central character, and I gave it high praises in my reflectionA Canticle for Leibowitz was a truly remarkable book I read this year, and it gained a spot on the Thousander Must-Read list, a signal honor.  I can only imagine it will claim the best fiction book I read this year.  Separate from those books, there wasn't much fiction that really moved me.  The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, which I was very eager and interested to read, was enjoyable and creative but not a personally memorable experience.  Life of Pi had its virtues but also fell into the ever-expanding category of "Not Bad, but Not Great."  There were some others, but all-in-all it was somewhat of a sparse year in unforgettable fictional experiences.

It was a good but not a great year for my reading.  Coming under my yearly goal of twenty-four books is particularly disappointing.  I do have to remind myself I started a second job as an Online Instructor as well so that cuts down on my spare reading time.  Yet, it's more of a time management problem than it is of not having time.  Here's hoping 2015 will be better or even great.  Maybe I'll finally read The Fellowship of the Ring?

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