Friday, May 24, 2013

Reflections: Theodore Boone: The Abduction

Brad Howes shares his thoughts on John Grisham's Theodore Boone: The Abduction

"I did a little research on the Theodore Boone books after finishing the first one, Kid Lawyer. As a reminder, I thoroughly enjoyed Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer, much more than I would have anticipated liking Grisham's 'adult' books. Nonetheless, what I learned was that Book three (The Accused), not two, more or less picks up where Book one leaves off. The result? A placeholder that winds up being a 'meh' kind of book. Let me explain why...

First of all, the book is technically a sequel, but spends a lot of time reintroducing people, places, and things that I was already familiar with. There is no reason to do this because you have no business reading a second book in a series if you don't read the first. Secondly, it was just a little random. A few weird characters were never fully developed, but details pertaining to setting were over developed. Lastly, the 'drama' was a little weak, especially compared to the first book. It was criminal fiction without a crime - if that's possible. Theo isn't even as cool as he was in the first book.

I guess to be fair, I probably shouldn't compare everything in Theodore Boone: The Abduction to the first book; but let's be honest, you want to write a series, this is what you get. I wouldn't suggest this book as a stand-alone; however, I enjoyed the first so much and am still extremely excited about the third, such that I do recommend Theodore Boone: The Abduction, just because it'll only take you two or three hours and you probably have nothing better to do anyway. Perhaps after I finish the series (the fourth in the set comes out May 21), I'll look back and have a different opinion on Book two, but for now, just 'meh.'"

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