Monday, May 13, 2013

3 Reasons Why You Should Read

Adam C. Zern highlights a few reasons why we should all read:

"I have spoken to so many people who bemoan their own lack of reading.  'I need to read more,' they'll say, and then provide a robust litany of why they don't.  Most of the reasons given are wholly unpersuasive to myself and to the person offering them.  After some pondering, I have identified at least three reasons why you should read and why Thousanders already do.

stack of books1. Too Big to Know
Instead of being discouraging, the vast amount of knowledge available should motivate us.  As I have written before, what we don't know is exactly why we should read.  To read is to fill your mind with a small portion of what is available.  True, there is too much to know in the world.  However, a surplus of knowledge and information is a sorry excuse for ignorance.

2. Let's Talk About . . . 
Aside from just knowing things, reading gives you the ability to talk about things.  The subject of conversation may or may not be directly related to what you've read, but chances are very high that something you've read in the past, especially if you've been reading consistently, will highlight something being discussed in the present.  Reading can make you interesting because it can give you interesting things to say.

3. I'd Rather Read a Book
book and tvReading is entertainment.  Certainly it's harder for some to get into the 'habit' of reading.  Yet, once a reader is truly born (or made) he or she finds a main channel of entertainment through reading.  When I have laid my eyes on the words of some of the best fiction or non-fiction books it has been as difficult to put it down as it has been to turn off a favorite movie, television show, or video game.  Personally, I have found that reading more helps you enjoy it more over time.  And any entertainment that gets better the more you experience it is worth looking into.

Read more.  Read now.  I have offered only three reasons, but there are no doubt other reasons, possibly some more compelling to you.  To start or re-start reading is easy.  Open a book, start at the first word and go left to right and top to bottom.  It's no use giving excuses.  They don't even convince you."

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