Saturday, June 16, 2012

Reflections: Dandelion Wine

Adam C. Zern shares his thoughts on Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Wine:

"It was a total coincidence that I began reading Dandelion Wine the very day that Ray Bradbury passed away.  Although I felt genuinely sad that he passed away, I was also genuinely excited to begin reading what I knew would be an interesting, creative, and meaningful narrative.  I recently complained that modern authors lack the ability to write truly great literature, but Ray Bradbury is an exception in a sea of modern mediocrity.  To describe him as a great author who writes great literature barely does him justice.

Dandelion Wine is definitely one of Bradbury's more traditional tales.  It's a tale of nostalgia and longing for childhood summers.  Although it's a domestic tale, it's still laced with Bradbury's signature flavor of fantasy, albeit very subtle in this story, and imagination.  At times it feels like it could have been a collection of short stories, but Bradbury beautifully knits the various vignettes together through his main characters, Douglas and Tom Spaulding.  If you have read Bradbury's writings before, it's entirely unnecessary to say that the writing is good; in fact, it's great.

In conclusion, I think Dandelion Wine is a wonderful book.  I also think it's a great book for anyone who has not read Bradbury to introduce themselves to his work.  With the passing of Ray Bradbury and my reading of Dandelion Wine, I have realized once again how great writers never actually die."

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