Saturday, May 21, 2011

Reflections: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Adam C. Zern opines on Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland:

“The introduction to Lewis Carroll’s (I read the Collins Classic edition) Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland calls it ‘literary nonsense.’  I’ve never been one for abstract art—in any form—so whether or not I subjectively made more out of Carroll’s short tale than was really there is up for debate.  It seems that there is more to Alice than some suggest and calling it ‘nonsense’ might be a little simplistic.

Don’t get me wrong, the book is bizarre.  The characters—some of them well-known now thanks to several films—have a short presence in the story and most of them come back around at the trial before the King and Queen of Hearts.  All of the characters are memorable, even if it is for their oddities.  The thing I enjoyed most about them, however, was the dialogue that is exchanged between many of the characters and Alice.  There are many quotes that can be easily plucked from the pages and applied in interesting ways to everyday life, business, family, etc.

I enjoyed Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.  It certainly is bizarre and it might be a little bit of nonsense.  Yet, one can easily use a subjective and attentive eye to cull various meanings and applications that make the story worth the time.  And even if you don’t, traveling into the wackiness of Wonderland is a good deal of fun.”

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