Thousander Guidelines

These guidelines are subject to change as the needs and wants of the members of the Thousander Club change.
There are four different levels of membership achievement.  They are as follows:
250 Books: Literate
500 Books: Studious
750 Books: Erudite
1000 Books: Scholar/Thousander

1.) Members will not count more than 75 books written below an eighth grade level toward the final goal of 1000.
2.) A book read multiple times only counts once toward the final goal.
3.) Members are encouraged to read multiple books in various genres and categories.
4.) Members are encouraged to share each book they complete along with their feelings regarding it with the rest of the club.
5.) Members should record each book that they read.

1 comment:

  1. I would like to know the names of (at least a few) of the members in each level/tier and the names (at least of few ) of the books they have read (if you don't mind).