Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Reading Goals for 2015

Reading goals for 2015?  Do better than I did in 2014.  That's obvious.  I need to read a minimum of 24 books in a year.  I could probably pick some simpler material, but I always find myself gravitating back to a lot of the more cerebral stuff, which of course takes more time to read.  While fully realizing I probably won't keep to this at all in 2015, here are a few books I would like to read in 2015.

The Fellowship of the Ring is still on my list.  I mentioned it in my 2014 reading goals, and then promptly forgot all about it.  I'm not exactly sure why it's not one that comes immediately to mind, especially when it's the basis for most fantasy, a genre I've enjoyed in the past.  Perhaps 2015 is the year.  Some other works of fiction I wouldn't mind tackling are Orson Scott Card's Earth Unaware and The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper.  I'm always on the look-out for the next diamond in the rough that doesn't get much attention but is excellent nonetheless.  Furthermore, I'm willing to take a chance on books I know little about. 

My non-fiction reading list continues to grow and grow and grow.  These are the more cerebral books I mentioned earlier, and I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I finish one.  I would love to finally get to Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrel and Patrick Robinson and Principles for a Free Society by Richard A. Epstein.  The latter will be far more taxing intellectually than the former.  (Richard A. Epstein is a force of nature when he speaks and debates).  Beyond that, Nudge is still on my list, as it was last year.  My interest in many of these books ebbs and flows, but usually when it's at its peak I am already in the middle of another book, which is why I usually don't get to them. 

Again, my main goal for 2015 is to read 24 books, if not more.  I read for the love of reading, of course, but I also read to eventually reach my lifetime goal of 1,000 books.  I currently sit at 350.  All things considered, it seems like a small number, and it is, but it also represents a lot of time, a lot of cranial effort, and a lot of knowledge and entertainment gained.  It was all worth it, and I'm looking forward to this next year to discover what else the world of books has to offer.

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