Saturday, February 15, 2014

Book Quiz v.1

The Thousander Club sponsored a Book Signing Party today for author Linda L. Zern and her latest book, Mooncalf.  We played some book trivia and the questions are below.  How much do you know (without Googling it)?
  1. What is Ender's real name in Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game?
  2. Who wrote Frankenstein?
  3. Charles Dickens said "I like this the best" of which of his books?
  4. What is the narrator's name in Moby Dick?
  5. In which Hunger Games book did Peetah lose his leg?
  6. Name all of the factions from Divergent
  7. What is Guy Montag's occupation in Fahrenheit 451?
  8. Who was Harper Lee's best childhood friend?
  9. In which dystopian allegory does the phrase "All animals are equal" appear?
  10. In A Tale of Two Cities, what are the two cities?
  11. Whose face "launched a thousand ships"?
Bonus: In Mooncalf, what does Leah want to name the calf?

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