Monday, January 14, 2013

Reflections: Short Stories from Jane Austen

Cortney Howes shares her thoughts on two short stories from Jane Austen:

"Jane Austen began writing at the age of fourteen and two of her works from that age that I have recently read are Lady Susan and Love and Friendship. Both of these short stories were very entertaining and easy to follow. Juliet McMaster in her article, Young Jane Austen states, 'I would argue… that if you don’t know the juvenilia, you don’t know Austen.'

Lady Susan is about a mother who is recently widowed. She spends her time flirting with married men and getting them to fall in love with her and then moving on.  Lady Susan is the evil of this story but also the entertainment. I was always wondering what she was going to do next!

Love and Friendship is a highly dramatic story of two women and their emotional life. Austen is obviously making fun of the dramatics that women use when something bad happens to them or one of their loved ones.

These works are argued to be not as mature as her other  popular novels; however, I really enjoyed them. I would highly recommend both of these short stories!"

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