Saturday, April 21, 2012

Reflections: The Host

Adam C. Zern shares his thoughts on Stephenie Meyer's The Host:

"I lost another bet.  Reading The Host by Stephenie Meyer was the result of losing that bet.  I don't want to be misunderstood, however.  I didn't begin reading The Host with low expectations.  In fact, I very much enjoyed the first quarter of her book.  Alas, as the story continued, the less I cared and the more I wanted the story to end.

As far as originality goes, The Host does have some things to offer.  The narrative is a well-known 'invasion of the body snatchers' type of story.  It reminded me, especially in the beginning, of the film The Invasion, except a lot less icky.  Yet, it does provide something new in its protagonist, who is a part of the invading alien species but is tormented by the consciousness of the one who's body she stole.  It made for some interesting character conflicts, but it all gets very tiresome by the middle of the book.  And it gets downright annoying by the end of the book.  I simply stopped caring.  Meyer spends entirely too much time analyzing and re-analyzing her characters' motives, via the first-person thoughts of the main character, that you'll feel like you've been reading the same 5 pages for the last 5 chapters.

Meyer's sci-fi elements, once again, start off reasonable enough at the beginning of the book, but it all gets a little wonky by the end of the book.  How can an alien species that shudders in primal fear any time a handgun is displayed conquer a planet of 6 billion people, some of whom have some pretty big guns?  It, along with other elements of Meyer's sci-fi world, felt rather silly.

I truly didn't have any prejudices or unfounded perceptions when I started reading The Host.  I really enjoyed the first portion of the book, but the rest of the book didn't offer much to love."


  1. I think you either need to start winning the bets in that house, or stop making them. This is a review I can get on board with. In fairness, I haven't read the entire book. The prologue made me want to hurl and I was pretty dead set on not letting Stephenie Meyer waste more of my time. I couldn't get past "The [whatever it was] was everything it should be: good and kind and pure and perfect and blah blah blah". Pretty much where my brain shut down.

    Hope you get to read a book you read for YOU soon!

  2. I can't seem to make myself read any author who portrays woman in the light that women are nothing if they don't have a man to define them.