Monday, January 17, 2011

Reflections: Thank You For Smoking

Adam C. Zern offers his thoughts on Christopher Buckley's Thank You For Smoking:

"Christopher Buckley takes a really interesting and unique idea, a novel about a "merchant of death" or tobacco company spokesmen, and doesn't do much with it.  The first 100 pages of the book are worth reading, including a very funny and original twist in the story in which the main character, Nick Naylor, is kidnapped by supposed anti-tobacco fanatics.  Nick is nearly assassinated by having nicotine patches placed all over his body.  However, after that surprising and funny moment, the book just careens down a silly and uninteresting 'whodunit' type conspiracy story.  Not to mention Nick's depraved affairs with a newspaper woman, which serves almost no purpose whatsoever, and another affair with a co-worker that serves only to advance the plot but does very little if anything for the story or characters.  There is humor, sometimes funny and sometimes trite, throughout the story, but it's nothing that will leave you in stitches.

Overall, I felt the book was a disappointment.  It started off so strong with an engaging angle and a character who could have been very memorable.  Yet, it ended up being what a lot of contemporary novels become - mediocre."

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  1. It's the curse of the modern literature. But what is it?