Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Reflections: Pillars of the Earth

Lauren Pacheco shares her thoughts on Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet:

"I love epic tales, similar to Les Miserables. Good Versus Evil, crazy European architectural history. Love affairs, disappointment, joy, birth and rebirth. Pillars of the Earth made me want to go on a tour of England's castles and study the history behind them. I also have a love of the study of religion and in both of these stories the Catholic church has played a large part in being both a life saving entity and also bring corruption and murder to the extreme depths of evilness.

I see Prior Phillip and Jean Val Jean as the redeeming hope the good can and will occasionally conquer evil and I love seeing how their characters evolve and the temptation to turn to the dark side occasionally wins and I see the villains, the bishop and Javier and being more then just evil characters trying to kill the good guys, but they are much more complex. The bishop in Pillars punishes himself by whipping himself and Javier from Les Mis actually kills himself when he realizes the man he has been hunting for decades is really the good guy and realizes that he, himself, is actually the bad guy!

Put it to music and I'm in love with Les Miserables. Maybe they will make a musical of Pillars of the Earth. LOL!!! Hey, someone probably laughed at Les Miserable, the musical too!"

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